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8 Superfoods and Your Brain

Superfood Breakfast Item - Avocado Toast Superfood Breakfast Item - Avocado Toast

With the busyness of the holidays, we may have days when we didn’t feel like we were ‘on our game.’By making smart food choices we can increase our precious gray matter and improve brain function.  Here are some brainy choices for keeping our noggins in tip-top shape. Blueberries have been shown to shield the brain read more …


Kale Yeah! Quinn Snack’s Kale & Sea Salt Popcorn

Today we’re featuring Quinn Snack’s Kale and Sea Salt Popcorn. Kale yeah! You’ve probably heard a lot about farm-to-table but what do you know about farm-to-bag?  Farm-to-bag follows the same idea as farm-to-table in that you can know where the popcorn in your lovely bag comes from. Quinn Snacks does an awesome job of helping read more …