Slow cooked pork shoulder “Mojo”” style

Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder Sandwich Mojo Style

Today’s Special:

Slow cooked pork shoulder “Mojo”” style with pepper jack cheese, jalapeƱo -cilantro aioli and dill pickles on wheat roll. $10 with Boulder Chips

Featured Ingredient:

Mojo – A marinade used throughout the Caribbean and South America that uses citrus juices as a base and is commonly applied to chicken, beef, pork or seafood as a tropical flavoring. This marinade combines citrus juices such as orange and lime or pineapple and carambola juice to make a thicker version or simply vinegar and possibly one juice added to a mixture of garlic, onions, herbs, cumin, salt and red pepper. It is a marinade that became popular in Cuba and then spread throughout the South American countries.