Marijuana-Smoked Turkey Now Served in Denver at Cook’s Fresh Market

Cook's Fresh Market Weed Smoked Turkey

The Chefs at Denver’s Cook’s Fresh Market are up to some HIGHly creative culinary.

Here’s an excerpt from 9News Next with Kyle Clark story that aired January 26, 2017:

DENVER – How do you like your turkey?

Oven roasted? Fried? Baked? How about weed-smoked?

Cook’s Fresh Market in downtown Denver has two new items on their menu this week: a weed-roasted natural turkey sandwich or the Mile High club sandwich.

The owner of the deli says he always wondered how turkey would take smoked with marijuana, instead of apple wood chips or something of the sort.

One of his customers brought him some marijuana stalks this week, so he tried it out. He brined the turkey with sugar, salt and spices for three days, and smoked it for six hours low temperature.

“I was really surprised. It didn’t smell like marijuana burning, it had a sweet aroma, like a cherry wood and it was absolutely delicious,” owner Ed Janos told Next. “People are smiling, giggling. Some people are afraid to try it. Some people are like, wow, this is really good. So it’s — people are kind of surprised, and they’re talking about it.”

The owner doesn’t have plans to make it a regular item on the menu.

As far as he knows, it’s not illegal. So if he doesn’t hear anything about it being illegal, especially after this story airs, he’ll probably smoke more turkey with marijuana stalks in a month or so.

“As far as I know, there’s no THC or anything in the stalk. I tasted a couple of slices and didn’t feel anything, so I don’t think you can get high from it,” Janos said.

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