Aiolis Are Where It’s At!


Here at Cook’s Fresh Market we pride ourselves on providing wholesome and delicious food.  On our house-made sandwiches, you will find that we enhance their flavor with the use of our “aiolis.” Aioli is a luxuriously thick sauce that, at its heart is garlic (from the “ai”) and oil (from the “oli”).  While many people think that aioli (pronounced “eye-oh-lee”) is just a type of mayonnaise, we guarantee you that our aiolis are not just a standard, mass-produced mixture of flavorless oil, egg yolk, vinegar, and perhaps some powdered mustard.

Being of French origin, you can almost taste history, and fine cuisine, as soon as the flavors of an authentic aioli hit your palate. For it to be true to its European and Mediterranean beginnings, aioli always contains pressed garlic, as one of its main ingredients, which is also always blended with a high-quality oil (such as olive oil).  This classic and obviously quite a simple combination of ingredients provide the essential base that allows you to experience our aioli spreads or dips as complex, original, tasty, and flavorful.  To these core ingredients, we do add some egg yolk, to help with the blending (or the desirable “emulsification” which makes aioli rich and spreadable), and we also add other spices and ingredients that enable us to provide our customers with a tantalizing assortment of aioli flavor options.

On our sandwich menu alone you will find that we make use of our Basil Pesto Garlic Aioli, or our Mustard Horseradish Aioli, or our Avocado Aioli. These are just a few of our, house-made aiolis.  We use fresh ingredients to make our aiolis, and we like to get creative when coming up with aiolis that lend the finishing touch of flavor to our sandwiches.  Whether you ordered our cold Parmesan Basil Chicken Sandwich, or our hot and toasted Roast Pork Shoulder BLT Sandwich, the aiolis we use will take the taste of our sandwiches from fine to sublime.

Also, aiolis are not just used as a gourmet sandwich spread.  Aiolis are often served as a dip alongside some battered and fried fish (as opposed to tartar sauce), or next to a pile of sweet potato fries, or as the sauce for blanched asparagus spears, or steamed artichokes.  Regardless of how you use it, aioli can elevate just about anything you are eating to a more authentic level that assures you’ll be coming back for more.